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Steve Hemingway

I was born in the factory town of Flint Michigan in 1960. The first art work I can remember creating were drawings. They were pre literate. They were inspired by the Sunday funnies my older siblings were reading. I liked the lines and especially the vivid colors. Somehow I knew they contained visual story telling. I studied at the Flint institute of Arts, Mott Community College, and Central Michigan University. Early in my professional development I taught classes part time. This allowed me to continue my development as an artist. I moved to Minneapolis in 1992 and set up a studio in South Minneapolis. In 1996 my future wife Amy and I bought a house and built a studio on our new property in Minnetonka. I began working in the studio full time in 2003. The choice in material that best suits my work is clay. I create tablets, tiles, vessels and sculpture. Most of the work is Raku fired.

In my formal training to teach children art, I heard a term used to describe the joy of process. The term is “the sensuous immediacy”.  Whether the artist strikes a cord or makes a mark, there is an immediate, positive, emotional response. Clay, especially wet clay, allows for this sensuous immediacy. The clay responds immediately to your touch and in return you respond back and a dialog is created. It immerses you into the present moment. I find this a wellspring for creative thought and process. The the dialog between hand and clay adds a third voice with fire and is permanently recorded.

 As an artist and collector I have a profound fondness for ceramics. Thankfully, so do many others. The millions of ceramic artifacts that litter the earth, created over the centuries, by thousands of hands, hold testament to our humanity and it's endless love affair with this material.

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