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Kristin Pavelka

Many things influence my aesthetic decisions regarding form and surface of my pots.  I’m drawn to the dilapidated architectural forms found on farms and rural communities.  In contrast, I love the organic contours of midcentury design.  Depression era feed sack fabric patterns and Scandinavian design inform the pattern development for the pot surfaces.  Color choices and combinations are derived from the decorative styling of Martha Stewart, fashion trends and sweets.  I try to surround myself with objects that pique my interest and in return these objects lend themselves to my imagination and manifest in my pots.

The roots of my work stem from being diagnosed with pre-diabetes.  The softness of fat translated into the soft silhouettes of my pots; the overindulgence of sweets related to my focus on dessert dishes and sugary glaze palette.  Although visually my pots still lie within this vein of work, currently I’m not interested in making pots about my condition; rather I’m allowing myself the freedom of exploring new techniques to create pots that embrace my idea of beauty.