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Glynnis Lessing

I strive to make beautiful, yet highly functional pots that will find an intimate niche in the daily lives of the people who take them home.  My work is created with the hope that it will be aesthetically pleasing to people who choose it over the mass-produced junk out there; that something that is designed to be balanced for use, scaled to the hand, and created by another person will be more profoundly satisfying to use and more pleasing to look at.

Often, images are not planned ahead of time, the pot can suggest a design or perhaps I am inspired by something I have seen recently that will suit the form.  The surface decoration is a reflection of my love of the natural world and the belief in the restorative power of being outside.  It is my desire to share the pleasure I take in noticing my environment: the pattern of leaves, how a bird perches on a reed, the silhouettes of trees just after sundown.  My work can call people’s attention to these things with the hope that people will value them as I do and that these qualities can nourish them just as much as does the food that is served or made in my pots.

I enjoy the  constraint of functionality  which challenges and inspires me.   I endeavor to make forms that are balanced and beautiful but are not constructed exclusively to show off the surface.  They are shaped for inherent harmony and pleasing lines; the form inspires the surface and the surface enhances the form.

Most of my work is hand thrown on the wheel in porcelain, painted in slip (a liquid, pigmented clay) freehand drawn on and then negative spaces are carved away with a loop tool. The work is bisk-fired, glazed in a clear glaze and then high-fired to approximately 2350ºF in a gas kiln. It is all functional and food and appliance (stove, dishwasher, microwave) safe.

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