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Barbara Zaveruha

When I design a pot, my first consideration is functionality:  how it will be used, what will make it satisfying to use, what design features will make it give good service.  My second consideration is aesthetic:  what will make the piece pleasing to touch, to hold, to look at, to eat out of;  what will give enduring interest, delight, and satisfaction to the user.  One of the reasons I continue to use high-temperature reduction firing is that the glazes can give so many different surface and color effects.  When I decorate a surface, I find that the landscape around me is what enters my mind;  the fields, the hills, the trees, the grasses—particularly the grasses.  As the prairie species that we planted around our house grow up and fill in, I am drawn to them, and want to reference them on the surface of my pots.

Zaveruha portrait.jpg